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How do I get a pass?

Visit and choose your library from the pull down menu. Then, log in with your library card number and password/PIN and browse for passes by date or venue. You can make your reservation and then print and download your pass — note that once you have printed and downloaded the pass, you cannot cancel your reservation, and if you do not use the pass, it will not be available for other patrons to access.

How many passes can I have?

Each organization/attraction sets its own policies for access. Please see the Participating Organizations section on the main Discover and Go page for information. Overall, each patron at a LEO member library can reserve up to four passes a year, though only one pass per participating organization.

Remember, if you reserve a pass and do not use or cancel your reservation, the unused pass will count towards any limits.


Why can't I see any passes?

There could be a variety of reasons:

  • No passes are currently available. Check back on the first of the month.

  • You already have two active reservations.

  • You already used up your passes for the year. Check back on January 1.

  • No passes are currently available for your age — passes are only available for library card holders 18 and older.

If you can't see a pass you believe you have reserved, it is likely because the reservation date has passed. Reservations must be printed/downloaded on or before the reservation date.

When are passes for a new month available?
Passes are released for events up to three months in the future. New passes are released on the first day of each month. For example, on January 1 you would see all the available passes through March 31.

Why is my library card blocked?

First, check that you have correctly typed your library card number, and that you entered the correct password or PIN. You will get an "unable to authenticate" error message if this is the case. If you have forgotten or need to update your password/PIN and your library is a member of the Sage Library System, visit the Sage Catalog for next steps.

Your library card may have a block due to fees or may need to be updated. Please contact your library. 

You may be trying to use a card from a different library — for example, Passport Program library cards will not work with Discover and Go.

Can I print my pass for free at the library?

The ability to print your pass for free will depend on your local library. Please contact your library.

I lost my pass. Can I reprint it?

Yes! As long as your date has not passed, the reservation will still be available, "checked out" to you, in the Discover and Go software. Please log in, find your pass, and reprint.

Can I cancel my pass? 

Yes, you can, as long as you haven't printed or downloaded it, and it hasn't expired. We recommend printing or downloading your pass closer to the time of your visit just in case you can no longer use it — this will allow the opportunity for someone else to use the pass if you cancel it.

How do I cancel my pass?

To cancel a pass that has not been printed or downloaded, log in to Discover and Go and click "My Reservations" and then "Cancel Reservation."

I printed or downloaded my pass. Can I cancel it?

No. Once you have printed or downloaded the pass, it is only available for you to use.

Can I show my pass on my mobile device?

Yes, if the attraction allows it. Organizations that accept a print pass only are noted in the Participating Organizations section on the main Discover and Go page.

What should I bring when I visit the attraction?

Be sure to bring your pass — printed, or downloaded on your mobile device if the organization allows, and your photo ID.

Can I give my pass to someone else?

No. The cardholder who reserved the pass must be present to redeem the pass and will need to bring a photo ID.

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